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PET - Term 2- Revision 2

Student’s Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________


1.Read the letter and put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense. Remember to use Past perfect

Simple when necessary.

Making arrangements with Paul

A few days ago Paul 1._________________(phone) me and asked whether I would mind looking after his

dog when he 2.____________(be) away. I told him that I really 3. ________________ (not/like) dogs, but

he said that he 4.______________________ (already/ask) all his other friends, and that I was his only

hope. He 5._____________________(invite) me round his house that evening to meet the dog, and he told

me that he 6._________________(cook) dinner for me. An hour later he

7._____________________(phone) again and said that he had to go out after all, so I 8.

_______________________ (suggest) meeting the following day for lunch. The next morning he

9.________________________(cancel) this appointment and after he

10.____________________(apologise), said that he would bring the dog to my house at 6.00. “I

11.________________(not/know) exactly where it 12._____________________(be),”he said. “Could you

tell me how I 13.________________________(get)there?” I quickly said I 14. ___________________ (go

out) and put the phone down. Luckily I 15.______________________(not/hear) from him since then.

2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first using between one and

three words.

1. The film finished a few minutes ago JUST

The film __________________________________________

2. I went to the new multi-screen cinema for the first time. BEEN

I __________________________________________to the new multi-screen cinema

3. Paul has never used an Xbox. EVER

Paul __________________________________________ An Xbox.

4. I don’t want to borrow your novel. I read it last year. ALREADY

I don’t want to borrow your novel because I ____________________________

5. Costas started playing chess at the beginning of term. SINCE

Costas _____________________________________ the beginning of term.

6. Patrick wants to come to football practice, but he has a lot of homework. COME

Patrick ____________________________to football practice if he didn’t have so much homework.

7. Dan says John has to buy him lunch, and then he will help him with his. HELP

Dan says he________________________ John with his homework if he buys him lunch.

8. I want to talk to Helga, but she doesn’t speak much English TALK

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I __________________________________________ to Helga if she spoke better English.

9. I think you should get some new trainers. WOULD

If I were you I__________________________________________some new trainers!

10. I’d like to help you with the maths problem, but I don’t understand it either! HELP

I _________________________ with the maths problem if I understood it, but I don’t!

11. In the end there was some food left over, as she had prepared lots. TOO

In the end, she had prepared ____________________________food for them to eat.

12. I have invited six people for lunch and I have got the right amount of food for them to eat. ENOUGH

I have got___________________________________________ for her six guests to eat for lunch.

3- Choose the correct option

1. Students who _____________ 18 years of age before July 1st can apply to the Adult High School.

a) Take b) Turn c) Get d) Pass

2. I’m a bit bored. _________________ you like to go for a walk?

a) Would b) Shall c) Do d) Will

3. If you are travelling __________ please check your passport expiry date. .

a) Outside b) Away c) Far d) Abroad

4. A live _____________ always sounds better than a recorded version. .

a) Ticket b) Parade c) Performance d) Atmosphere

5. The worst part of the ripe was when my mum decided to visit some ______________________

a).Familiar b) Relatives c) Parents d) Grandmother

6. Can you ______________________that? There must be something burning.

a)Taste b) Hear c) See d) Smell

7. We got into old abandoned house but we got scared because it was as black as________________

a) Night b) Oil c) Cats d) Bats

8. Let’s get some fruit and vegetables from the ________________________ .

a) baker’s b) chemist’s c) butcher’s d) greengrocery

9. He as rude to hi teacher but then he felt ________________________ of himself.

a) Proud b) Jealous c) Satisfied d) Ashamed

10. When he saw the body covered in blood he turned as white as _________.

a) Stars b) Sheet c) Milk d) Paper

4- Complete the sentences with the vocabulary seen in class. The first letter is given.

1. A p________________________ is old enough to stop working and receive money from the


2. Take the c______________________ from Retiro to Mar del Plata and get a good hotel.

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3. You can’t take s______________________ in your carry-on bag.

4. “The a_____________________ is amazing today!” Said Maluma in his last concert.

5. Mark is so b______-t_______________________. He is always yelling at people.

6. People use their sense of s___________________ , but robots use radar vision.

7. I twisted my a_____________________ in our last football match.

8. Do you often buy things in the sale or on a s______________ o________________?

9. You get a d____________________ if you buy the flat TV before the 1st of June.

10. I’ll buy a d______________________ . I can’t stand doing the washing up.