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Hi guys! 

How's it going?

This week we celebrated 25th May, the anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires. On 25th May 1810, a small revolution took place in Buenos Aires, which proved to be the first step towards independence. You might have celebrated this day doing things traditionally associated with our culture, such as eating empanadas o locro, o getting together with your family to have asado.

Can you think of any other activities or characteristics typically associated with our culture? They might even be false!

Can you think of any myths or stereotypes related to Argentinian people?

Do you know what a stereotype is?

You are going to watch a video in which a teacher called Emma talks about common English stereotypes. Watch the video until minute 20 (or stereotype number 6). 

For next week, get ready to share with your class what Emma explains to her audience about each stereotype and think of 3 Argentinian stereotypes. You will need to explain them in detail so you might need to do some research to talk a bit about the history of the stereotype, whether it's true or false and why.