16/12: Online class 

15/12: Online class

9/12: Online class

2/12: Online class 

1/12: Online class

25/11: Online class. PIA

24/11: Online class. PIA

18/11: Online class. Feedback 

17/11: Online class. Complete form Unit 17..

11/11: Online class.  Unit 17 speaking + form.

10/11: Online class. Correction of pages 75, 76 and 79.

4/11: Online class. Activities about passive of reporting verbs + page 75.

3/11: Online class. Theory + activities: Passive voice + passive of reporting verbs 

28/10: Online class. Group presentation + passive voice 

27/10: Online class. Booklet 2. Test 1: Reading + Listening

21/10: Online class. Group presentation. Unit 13 + form. 

20/10: Online class. Group presentation. Unit 13 speaking activities.

14/10: Online class. 2 Groups present +  Test 1: Reading Booklet 2

13/10: Online class. Presentations +  Test 1: Reading Booklet 2

7/10: Online class. Start-up presentations. Written task

6/10: Online class. Start-up presentations. 


Hello everyone! My name is Carolina Veiga and I will be your teacher this year. Together, we will dive into the business world and we will work a lot to prepare the Cambridge Exam BEC Vantage ! As we will be working in campus for the following weeks, I will be uploading homework each class. If you have any questions or you don't understand something please let me know! 

Write the answers to the crossword in your portfolio and the one to the questions in the comments field.

By Erika


Nouns are either Countable, e.g. a job, two jobs  or Uncountable e.g. work 

Countable Nouns 

- use a or an in the singular

- can be made plural

- use some and any in the plural

- use few and many in the plural

- use a lot of + plural noun

- use a number of

Uncountable Nouns

do not use a or an 

- cannot be made plural 

- use verbs in the singular 

- use some and any in the singular

- use little and much

- use other words to refer to a quantity 

- use a lot of + singular noun

- use an amount of 


Let's take a look at the following links and the online practice




Take a look at the picture, there you will find what you have to do to write your name and surname in zoom.


Hello everyone !

  1. Enter here  
  2. Select your name e.g. Caro V 
  3.  Click in the 3 dots
  4. Go to : "Crear Artículo" 
  5. Write in the title the name given by the teacher + your name and the first letter of your surname e.g. Holidays-CaroV
  6. In the copete write "Work in process" 
  7. In the writing mention if it is a "First/Second/Third Draft" o if it is a "Final Version"
  8. Click in "guardar"
  9. To write your second draft, go to Step N°1 and 2 and select the file. Click in the 3 dots and edit the writing
  10. When you have your final version, also copy it in a Word and then upload it in "Archivo Adjunto" with the name :
    e.g. Holidays-CaroV-Final Version

Let's take a look at the following meeting 



Watch the following video and answer the questions in the comment box 


1) What should you take into account when you are looking to launch a product?

2) Why costumer's feedback is invaluable?

3) Comment at least 5 words that are mentioned in the video related to business 




Watch the following video about the role of Human Resources. Answer the following questions giving your opinion in the comment box: 


- Why do you think Human Resources is so important in a company?

- Taking into account the video, what can you say about the evolution of this department?

- What are the main tasks they perfom? 

- Which advice would you give to someone who is about to have an interview ? 



Watch the following video about Employee Training and Development. Then, read the following questions and give your opinion in the Comment Box.

- How important  is for a company to train employees? 

- What are the benefits of professional development?

- Should employees be trained during their free time? 

- How often should a company train their employees?