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Cambridge English Preliminary: Writing Practice Tests

Writing is tested in Paper 1 of the Cambridge English Preliminary Test. There are 3 writing tasks and we've included practice tests for each part below. We will be adding more tests soon.

Writing Practice Tests

Part 1: Email
Part 2: Article
Part 2: Story

More help with the Preliminary English Test Writing Paper

Get higher scores in your PET Writing practice tests with these quizzes to help you improve your writing skills.

Paraphrasing 1
Paraphrasing 2
Paraphrasing 3
Paraphrasing 4

Contractions in Informal Emails
It is very important to write your Part 1 email in the correct style. One way of achieving an informal style is to remember to use contractions.

Phrases for informal emails
Use these words and expressions to help you write your email in an informal style.

Paragraphs in informal emails
Organising your email into clear paragraphs will help you to structure your email and will make it easier for the examiner to see your organisation.



Check our Schedule, please. I'll be updating this on a daily basis.

Passive Voice

We also play a little! [+]

When was it invented? How many of these are sold?

Where is it produced? What was built there? [+]

Unless you .....

Let's hear your ideas [+]


Vocabulary and more [+]

Have you ever ...?

Photo by De Pelikanz ID de vector de stock libre de regalías: 365266037 [+]


Work in Class, collaborative activities and correction. [+]


Write you answers to these questions in the comments field. Cover Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash [+]

A new world Language

Photo by Soner Eker on Unsplash [+]

The Future of Music

Photo by Natalie Cardona on Unsplash [+]

The future

Click on the image [+]

School Interpreters

How did you feel when you first started at the school? Think about what was easy and what was difficult and why. Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash [+]

The Ultimate Escape Room!

Excellent work! I hope you had some fun today. [+]

Frequency Adverbs

Read carefully [+]

Personality Adjectives

Click on the image. Audios and link to the form below the image. You will need a good dictionary. [+]

Listening Practice SB&WB 1

Click on the image. Audios & Link to the form below. [+]

Use of English & Listening 1

Let's work on these activities together. Click on the image. Audios below the image. [+]

Reading Activity

Read the activity carefully and write the answers in your portfolios. [+]

Vocabulary 2.1

Communication Verbs [+]

Listening & Reading Practice 1

Listen to the tracks as many times as necessary. Photo by on Unsplash [+]

Reading 2.1

Photo by Hannah Wright on Unsplash [+]

How to form questions in English?

Kate gives us a formula to help form questions in English! You'll never have questions about how to make a question ever again! (Hopefully.) Cover photo by sophie.h@Twinkl [+]

Revision Grammar Reference

Read carefully. Do the exercises. Click on the image. [+]


What are collocations? [+]

How to complete a form?

Watch the video and follow the steps carefully. In this case, I'm helping you with Personality Adjectives. [+]

Preliminary Speaking videos

Some real time Preliminary Speaking videos. [+]

Preliminary Descriptions The Barbeque

Compare your descriptions to this one. Can you combine both of them and make an even better one? [+]

Some real time Preliminary Speaking videos.






Watch & Listen carefully


Preliminary English Test Writing Part 2 Scan the QR code or click on the image to be redirected.

Click on the image to be redirected to the interactive activity.



Please, read the instructions carefully and follow the steps.

Watch the video and follow the steps carefully. In this case, I'm helping you with Personality Adjectives.




Personality Adjectives activity here

PDF here 

Form here

Video here too

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