By Nora G. 




We will discuss the following questions in class: 


- How would you describe Mrs. Foster?

- What can you say about her husband attitude?

- Why do you think Mrs. Foster leaves without her husband?

- Is the ending predictable?


26/11: Online class. PIA

25/11: Online class. PIA

19/11: Online class. Complete forms. Speaking Assessment.

18/11: Online class. Feedback. Speaking Assessment.

16/11: Online class. Forms + Speaking Test 4

12/11: Online class. Part 2,3 and 4 Listening in groups. Speaking Assessment.

11/11: Online class. Speaking activites + complete a form. Part 1 Listening. Speaking Assessment.

9/11: Online class. Finish working in groups Test 2 and make the corrections.

5/11: Online class. Test 2 Reading and Use of English. Speaking Assessment.

4/11: Online class. Workbook page 114 +  Speaking form and activities. 

2/11: Online class. Workbook: pages 112 and 113 correction. 

29/10: Online class. Workbook: pages 112 and 113 in groups. Speaking Assessment.

28/10: Online class. Workbook: pages 108 and 109. Booklet Listening Test 1

26/10: Online class. 2 groups will present the expressing purpose activity. Correction pages 190 and 191. Booklet 2: Test 1

21/10: Online class. Each group will present the activity. Expressing ability theory + page 187 ex. 3 and page 191

19/10: Online class. Activities in groups + page 190 CB activity 1.

15/10: Online class. Revision of expressing purpose + correction of activities page 184. Unit 14 form. Speaking Assessment.

14/10: Online class. Correction page 182. Theory: Expressing purpose + activities in groups. Unit 14 form. Speaking Assessment. 

8/10: Online class. Correction pages 181, 183. Reading comprehension page 182.

7/10: Online class. Phrasals with turn + Compound adjectives. pages 181 + 221. Make and do page 183

5/10:  Online class. Unit 14. Speaking activity + listening task

1/10: Online class. CB: page 179 correction. WB: page 102 and 103. Speaking Assessment. 


Hello everyone ! As we will be working in campus for the following weeks, I will be uploading homework each class. If you have any questions or you don't understand something please let me know !

Let's play!

An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a game in which a team of players cooperatively discovers clues, solves puzzles, and accomplishes tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game.

While playing, many abilities are at stake: team work, time management, problem solving, critical thinking and focus under pressure. Moreover, the game also provides a unique opportunity of using the language, reinforcing and acquiring vocabulary and structures in a playful atmosphere, bringing an element of interest and novelty to the traditional class.

In this Escape Room we will lead you to find out more about the history of this amazing school which we love and are part of smiley

So READY, STEADY…GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes

Click HERE to start the game


Hello everyone !

  1. Enter here
  2. Select your name e.g. Caro V 
  3.  Click in the 3 dots
  4. Go to : "Crear Artículo" 
  5. Write in the title the name given by the teacher + your name and the first letter of your surname e.g. Holidays-CaroV
  6. In the copete write "Work in process" 
  7. In the writing mention if it is a "First/Second/Third Draft" o if it is a "Final Version"
  8. Click in "guardar"
  9. To write your second draft, go to Step N°1 and 2 and select the file. Click in the 3 dots and edit the writing
  10. When you have your final version, also copy it in a Word and then upload it in "Archivo Adjunto" with the name :
    e.g. Holidays-CaroV-Final Version
Consent Campaign

Ramiro A, Ezequiel M, Santiago DLS, Marco P. [+]

Consent campaign

Martín S., Ignacio D., Martín L., Elie D., Gino V. and Naomi C. [+]

Esi project

Tomas D,Franco F, Gonzalo H,Salvador G, Luca M and Alan S [+]

ESI Poster

Natan E. Martin P. Federico N. Nicolas H. Franchesco V. [+]


Take a look at the picture, there you will find what you have to do to write your name and surname in zoom.