Booklet 1 part 1

Training for Advanced [+]

Speaking paper

An in-depth look into the exam [+]

Writing tips

Have a look! [+]


This is what you are expected to do in order to pass the subject [+]

Debating time

Developing communication and argumentative skills - (Adapted from Prof. Ramos's original) [+]

Freedom writers

You can find the film here: or on Netflix [+]

The Vaccine debate I

Video and debate [+]

Going cashless

Can we live without hard cash? [+]

Noun phrases

Let's look at the possibilities [+]

Vocabulary: sight

Vocabulary and collocations [+]

Education in Finland

Video clip from Michael Moore's documentary "Where to invade next?" [+]

Noise and sound vocabulary

Meanings and collocations [+]

Participle clauses

Grammar reference [+]


Expressions to emphasize [+]

Anger vocabulary

Let's analyse the expressions [+]

ORT School - The Ultimate Escape Room

Let's play! Then post your opinion on the game in the comments box below [+]

Class of November 16th

Work on the links [+]

Homework for November 9th

Write the review on Freedom writers. Upload it here: [+]

Homework for October 5th

Work on the forms. They are here: [+]

Listening 1

Listening activity page 116 Coursebook. Upload your answers here [+]

Reading activity

Complete the form with the answers to Climbing Margherita [+]