Hope we have a great year together!

Look at these ads and answer the questions

Read the film reviews and answer the questions

Hi there! Here there are videos and exercises for you to practice

Watch the movie scene and answer the questions .

Here are some exercises to practice verb patterns

Do this test to identify your top intelligences


Hello everyone !

  1. Enter here:
  2. Select your name e.g. Guille A 
  3.  Click in the 3 dots
  4. Go to : "Crear Artículo" 
  5. Write in the title the name given by the teacher + your name and the first letter of your surname e.g. Holidays-Guille A
  6. In the copete write "Work in process" 
  7. In the writing mention if it is a "First/Second/Third Draft" o if it is a "Final Version"
  8. Click in "guardar"
  9. To write your second draft, go to Step N°1 and 2 and select the file. Click in the 3 dots and edit the writing
  10. When you have your final version, also copy it in a Word and then upload it in "Archivo Adjunto" with the name :
    e.g. Holidays-Guille A-Final Version