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Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror, by Edgar Allan Poe - Macmillan Readers

Online Extra Grammar Practice below.

Possible situations in the future: FIRST CONDITIONAL (IF, UNLESS)

IF sentences   -   IF or UNLESS?

Multiple Choice   -   Review 1   -   Review 2


Exercise 1     -     Exercise 2

Online Practice

ONLINE QUIZ   -   Flashcards   -   Multiple Choice   -   Review

Online Practice

Past Simple:  Multiple Choice  -  WAS, WERE, WASN’T or WEREN’T?

Question Words  -  Questions  -  Short Answers

Irregular verbs:  Multiple Choice   -   Complete

Review 1  -  What did Tom do yesterday?  -  Test

Past Continuous: WAS or WERE?  -  Multiple Choice  -  What were they doing?

Past Simple or Past Continuous?  Review 1  -  Review 2  -  Test

Online Practice

Present Simple: Which sentence is correct?  -  Multiple choice  -  Write the negative form  -  Yes-No Questions   -   Short Answers  -  Wh- Questions

Present Continuous: Test

Present Simple or Present Continuous?:   Review   -   Test