Hello everyone !

  1. Enter here: https://campus.ort.edu.ar/articulos/1052407/home/portfolio-3gcharabcd-first-c 
  2. Select your name e.g. Caro V 
  3.  Click in the 3 dots
  4. Go to : "Crear Artículo" 
  5. Write in the title the name given by the teacher + your name and the first letter of your surname e.g. Holidays-CaroV
  6. In the copete write "Work in process" 
  7. In the writing mention if it is a "First/Second/Third Draft" o if it is a "Final Version"
  8. Click in "guardar"
  9. To write your second draft, go to Step N°1 and 2 and select the file. Click in the 3 dots and edit the writing
  10. When you have your final version, also copy it in a Word and then upload it in "Archivo Adjunto" with the name :
    e.g. Holidays-CaroV-Final Version