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Use of English

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Udse of English  (7 de noviembre) 


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Practice some patters that often appear in the CAE exam 

1. Comparative structures/adverbs
Structures like 'not quite as much/slightly less than' often appear in this task.
Online Exercise

2. Expressions/common lexical patterns
Practice in identifying fixed expressions and common lexical patterns.
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3. Phrasal verbs
Structures with phrasal verb equivalents e.g. 'force entry into'/'break into' often appear in this task.
Online Exercise

4. Formal structures (Including conditionals)
Structures such as 'we had to think about x/we were obliged to take x into consideration' often appear in this task.
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Activity 19th September

Activity to hand in [+]


Do the exercises below to revise new VOCABULARY

You might have warned me against taking that way!


1) Underline the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence.
a) We can't be lost. It isn't allowed/I don't believe it.
b) Jane is bound to be late. She always is/She must be.
c) Late-comers are to report to the main office. It's a good idea/It's the rule.
d) You don't have to stay unless it's necessary/if you don't want to.
e) Astronauts must feel afraid sometimes. They're supposed to/It's only natural.
f) You can't come in here. It isn't allowed/I don't believe it.
g) All motorcyclists have to wear crash helmets. It's a good idea/It's the rule.
h) I ought not to tell Jack. It's not a good idea/It's the rule.
i) We should be there soon. I expect so/It's absolutely certain.
j) You'd better leave now. That's my advice/That's an order!

2) Complete each sentence so that it contains might, might not, must, mustn't, can or
can't. More than one answer may be possible.
a) Don't stand up in the boat! You fall in the river!
b) Sue says she's stuck in traffic and she be late.
c) You really start spending more time on your work.
d) Tell Peter he stay the night here if he wants to.
e) That's a really stupid idea! You be serious, surely!
f) You realise it, but this is very important to me.
g) Don't be silly. You expect me to believe you!
h) We're not sure but we go to Prague for Christmas this year.
i) Me learn to fly! You be joking!
j) Bill cooked the lunch, so you expect anything special!

3) Rewrite each sentence so that it contains can, could, must, have to or should
(including negative forms).
a) I'm sure that Helen feels really lonely.
b) You're not allowed to park here.
c) It would be a good idea if Harry took a holiday.
d) I'm sure that Brenda isn't over thirty.
e) Do I need a different driving licence for a motorbike?
f) What would you advise me to do?
g) Mary knows how to stand on her head.
h) You needn't come with me if you don't want to.
i) It's possible for anyone to break into this house!
j) The dentist will see you soon. I don't think he'll be long.


1) Underline the most suitable phrase in each sentence.
a) We should have turned left. We've missed the turning/We followed the
b) We didn't have to wear uniform at school. But I never did/That's why I liked it.
c) The butler must have stolen the jewels. He was ordered to/There is no other
d) You could have phoned from the station. I'm sure you did/Why didn't you?
e) You needn't have bought any dog food. There isn't any/There is plenty.
f) Ann might not have understood the message. I suppose it's possible/She wasn't
supposed to.
g) You can't have spent all the money already! You weren't able to/I'm sure you
h) I shouldn't have used this kind of paint. It's the right kind/It's the wrong kind.

2)  Rewrite each sentence so that it contains can't, might, must, should or needn't.
a) I'm sure that David took your books by mistake.
b) It was a mistake to park outside the police station.
c) It was unnecessary for you to clean the floor.
d) I'm sure that Liz hasn't met Harry before.
e) Ann possibly hasn't left yet.
f) I'm sure they haven't eaten all the food. It's not possible!
g) Jack is supposed to have arrived half an hour ago.
h) Perhaps Pam and Tim decided not to come.
i) I think it was the cat that took the fish from the table!
j) It was a waste of time worrying, after all!