Link a grupo de amigos

Do the following transformations [+]

Multiple Choice

Do the following exercise [+]

More listening

Keep listening [+]

Listening Practice

Do the following listenig activity [+]

Exam Practice

Do the following exercises [+]

More reading

Do the following exercise [+]

Reading Comprehension

Do the following reading exercise [+]


Time to play with the vocabulary seen!! [+]

The Black Mirror: Nosedive Made by S. Peirano

After we watch the episode, let´s do the following activity: [+]

Reading and Use of English

Complete the following exercise [+]

Use of English Practice

Do the following exercises [+]

More transformations

Let´s keep practising transformations [+]

Mixed Conditionals Summary

Read the following summary on Mixed Conditionals [+]

Mixed Conditionals

Do the following activities on mixed conditionals [+]

Vocabulary U2

Review the vocabulary seen with the following games [+]


Read the article seen in class and do the following activities. [+]

Review the vocabulary from unit one playing these games