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Watch Meritxell and Stefan take the CAE Speaking Test.

Click on this link, and be ready to discuss the 4 parts in class!

Also, review the information contained Cambridge official site for the CAE speaking paper

Use this additional booklet in your CAE preparation. With Key!!!


Sustainable Tourism

Self-correcting exercises
Review and and testing exercises.
Self-correcting exercises
Explanation and self-correcting exercises
Explanation and self-correction
Self-correcting exercises to review unit 2.
A brief description of the use of modals, and practice excercises,
4 self-correcting tests

Noboby can deny rainforest depletion is a main cause for concern throughout the world, but... How far would we go to protect rainforests? How committed are we to our planet? Would you go to any lengths to stop deforestation? Here's a video that may make you change your mind.

Watch the video or click here, and be ready to discuss these questions:

  • What's the main goal of the Rain Forest Alliance?
  • According to them, how can you help?
  • How does irony contribute to spread this message?
  • How effective do you think this video campaign has been in reaching the Rainforest Alliance goals? How can you rate it?

Find out more about the Rainforest Alliance and their approach to tackling deforestation. Include these tags in your search: Sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism,and be ready to discuss each in class.

Also, find out about other NGOs protecting the environment, like 1% for the Planet, and prepare a 2-minute oral review.


Incorporate suggestions and corrections into your essay, and upload a final version here. Designate your file as: name.surname.cyberbullyingessay 


Read all essays and post a comment naming your favorite.

The author of the most voted essay by May10th will be awarded extra credit to be applied towards the first term mark.



Browse through this poster and learn the basics of globalization. Enjoy the videos, podcasts, quotes, cartoons, and do the exercises on related vocabulary.

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