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Present and Past

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Practice: conditionals 0,1, 2 and 3



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9th October

Test on unit 6:Reading Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. [+]

4th September

Second Term Test. Everything seen up to then. Grammar and vocabulary [+]

14th of August.

Test on unit 4: Vocabulary, defining and non- defining relative clauses, make, let and allow. [+]

29th June

Test on unit 3: Past Perfect Simple and Continuous, Sense verbs + ing or infinitive. Vocabulary: natural disasters and the environment. And (from unit 2 Present Perfect simple and Continuous) [+]

4th of May.

Test on unit 1:Present Simple and Present Continuous. Present Simple Passive. Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect. Past Simple Passive. Vocabulary: extreme sports. Achievements and challenges [+]


Remedial work

A swim, Poison and The sound Machine