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You need to read this every class in order to know what you have to do.

Monday 31/7: Listening pg 71 Coursebook (click here), and Reading pg 44,45 Workbook (click here)

Wednesday 2/8: Listening Test 2 Booklet PreFCE (click here)

Thursday 3/8: A2,B1 pg 77 Coursebook (click here), and Vocabulary and Language focus pg 46 Workbook (click here)


Monday 7/8: Listening pg 78 Coursebook (click here) and Language Focus pg 78 Coursebook (click here)

Wednesday 9/8: Multiple Choice pg 49, and Open Cloze pg 49 Workbook (click here)

Thursday 10/8: Writing Test 2 pg 90 (Review) Booklet (click here)


Monday 14/8: Revision unit 6 page 80 Coursebook (click here).

Here you have all the information!

Ways Of Looking

Please study this vocabulary! (and the one from the book too) [+]

Phrasal Verbs with Give

Can you tell what each phrasal verb means? [+]

Phrasal Verbs with Give

Can you tell what each phrasal verb means? [+]

Contrast Linkers

Let's Revise Contrast Linkers! [+]

Question Tags

Let's see how much you remember about Question Tags [+]

Speculation and deduction

Look at these slides and learn how to do it! Here you have theory and some exercises. [+]

Play and learn with Vocabulary Unit 9!

Let's see if you remember these words! [+]

Useful Ajectives

How to replace the adverb "very"? [+]


Choose the right answer [+]


What are Noun Phrases? [+]

Narrative tenses

When are they used? Start practising here: [+]

So and Such

Explanations and Exercises [+]

Adjectives ending in - ing and - ed

Explanation and list to study [+]

Class 10/5 Essay Type 1

Explanation and exercise to do. DATE TO HAND IN: 17/05 [+]

Comparatives & superlatives

The teacher Stephanie Wisniacki explains us comparatives and superlatives. Let's pay attention! [+]

Comparatives & Superlatives

Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives explanation [+]


Key word transformations [+]


Prefixes and suffixes to form nouns [+]


A lot to do!!! [+]

Indirect questions

Would you mind doing this exercises which will help you for the exam? ;) [+]

Legally Blonde (Gerunds & Infinitive)

Download the attachment and complete it after watching the extract of the movie. Compare it with your mates' answers. [+]


Listen to the song and complete the activities. Then watch the video [+]

Vocabulary Unit 1

Here you will find many Quizlets! [+]


How many expressions with GET do you remember? [+]


Read the rules! Then, complete the following exercises. [+]

101 Word Transformations

Download the attachment if you dare! :) [+]

Types and examples of writings

Let's see the differences! [+]

Reading Comprehension & Listening Practice

Click and Practice!!!!!!!!!!!! [+]

Extra listening practice

Let's work on your own [+]

Open Cloze tips

Tips - by Ana Perazzelli [+]