A case of trust

Let's read the story. Words you should know: CLAIRVOYANT: a person who says they have powers to see the future or see things that other people cannot see PAWNBROKER: a person who lends money in exchange for objects that he or she can sell if the person leaving the objects does not pay an agreed amount of money in an agreed time PAWN: to leave a possession with a pawnbroker, who gives you money for it and can sell it if the money is not paid back within a certain time [+]

Pautas de aprobación

This is what you need to do in order to pass the subject [+]

Future time

The future [+]

Passive voice: Tutorial

Let's go over the rules [+]


A quick look [+]

Food in Britain

Video and discussion [+]

Narrative tenses

When and how we use them [+]

The Body: Idioms

New vocabulary [+]

Negative prefixes with adjectives

Pay attention to these combinations [+]


New vocabulary [+]


Revision of rules [+]

Reading: Coachella part 6

Let's work a little bit on reading part 6 of the exam [+]

ORT School - The Ultimate Escape Room

Let's play! Then post your opinion on the activity in the comments box [+]

Class of November 17th

Work on the links [+]

Class of November 16th

Work on the links [+]

Homework for November 16th

Reading assignment. You can find it here https://campus.belgrano.ort.edu.ar/ingles/tp/1482048/gapped-text-practice [+]