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What makes a good Speaking test candidate? In this video three examiners give their advice and tips for the Cambridge English: First and Cambridge English: Advanced Speaking tests.

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Let's learn about formal writing!


How to go about cross-text multiple matching activities

ESI Project : Building Healthy Relationships


Vocabulary task ✏️

Unit 8: The modern world 🎬 🎤

Vocabulary activity ✏️

🐻 Watch the video and choose the correct answers : )

Reading and vocabulary 📚 ✏️

Unit 7 : The joy of surfing in ice-cold water ❄️

Writing Task ✏️

Listening page 78

Read the descriptions and match them to one of the photos on page 70. Next, correct the mistakes and read the theory. ✏️


Now, let's work on page 72 from the coursebook. :) 

Let's work with vocabulary! 📰 ✏️

Let's talk about multiple intelligences! 🧠 + ❤️

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Unit 4 - Coursebook page 51

Watch " Negative Space" a short film by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter for further discussion. : )



Let's plan our essay!

Workbook pages 28- 29

Here you'll find some body idioms, are they similar in Spanish ?

Watch this short film for further discussion

Listening page 47 : )


Speaking, reading and video assignment

Punctuation marks and their uses : )

Watch the movie scene and answer the questions .

Let's play a game and then work with modals!

Let's Practice!

For this lesson you will need your coursebook.

Let's watch this scene from Friends!


We use reference and ellipsis to avoid repetition.

By Gonzalo B

By Lara G 

🎬 Speaking: Hypothetical past situations

Video by Lara. G & Gonzalo .B : "I Wish You Had Told Me The Truth" [+]

🎬 Speaking: Hypothetical past situations

Video by Sol. B & Lola. G : "You Should Have Told Me" [+]


Students' productions

Lola G 



Gonzalo B 




Lara G 






So, I think there are two possible options. The first, humanity could have just vanished or disappeared without leaving any sign, and they are the last humans on Earth and have to survive. Or maybe it’s them who can’t be seen by humanity and the other way around. Therefore, they’ll be also trying to survive but not to the end of the world.  By Lara G 


I think that society banished, this had happened because of a catastrophe, which the two protagonists clearly weren’t aware of. Maybe the reason for it was to showcase what the earth would look like without humans and civilizations in it; this is something nobody knows what it would be like. In my opinion, the purpose of this sudden disappearance is to demonstrate how much of a damage we cause to the planet earth. By Lola G