Let's play!

An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a game in which a team of players cooperatively discovers clues, solves puzzles, and accomplishes tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game.

While playing, many abilities are at stake: team work, time management, problem solving, critical thinking and focus under pressure. Moreover, the game also provides a unique opportunity of using the language, reinforcing and acquiring vocabulary and structures in a playful atmosphere, bringing an element of interest and novelty to the traditional class.

In this Escape Room we will lead you to find out more about the history of this amazing school which we love and are part of smiley

So READY, STEADY…GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes

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March 17th: class1: Watch the video and do the activities on class 1, student's corner.

March 18th class 2: Recording Yourselves

March 25th class 3: Look at the pictures, answer the questions and make a collage.

March 30th class 4: Write a paragraph about the collage.

April 1st class 5: Work on speaking questions to reflect on the phrase "Always be yourself" and read the text.

April 6th class 6: Correction of the activities concerning the text  " Early birds" (via zoom)

April 7th class 7: Speaking questions about the text

April 13th Class 8: Present Simple and Continuous explanation and Video "tiktok" activity.

April 20th: Revision Present Simple and Continuous with game Kahoot.

April 21st: Speaking questions about the Pandemic using Present simple and Continuous

April 22nd: Speaking Discussion about questions.

April 27th: Vocabulary Unit 1

April 28th: Finish correction of adjectives + Speaking + Listening

April 29th: Listening and Speaking about experiences

May 4th: Speaking and Use of English "Present Perfect"

May 5th: Correction of activities Present Perfect and Speaking

May 6th: Finish correction and Discussion using Present Perfect

May 11th: Use of English 2 and Speaking

May 12th: Correction of exercises and Speaking
May 13th: Writing "Essay" unit 1 and Speaking
May 18th : "Mysteries of the Unexplained" (Reader and Listening)
May 19th: Speaking discussion about "Stranger Things" Episode 1.
May 20th: Correction of stranger things activity and explanation of collage task
May 26th: Revision unit 1- Vocabulary
May 27th : Revision unit 1- Grammar
June 1st: Finish Revision unit 1.
June 2nd: Discussion about "Unacknowledged" (documentary)
June 3rd: Project "Racial Attitudes: A wake-up call to be united"
June 8th: Revision Grammar unit 1- Reading intro unit 2
June 9th: Reading unit 2 "weird stories" and speaking
June 10th: Finish Reading, correction of grammar revision and Escape game
June 16th: Grammar Past tenses, unit 2.
June 17th: Past tenses exercises and Listening unit 2. Homework: Exercises uploaded on "Past tenses unit 2"
June 22nd: Finish correction of past tenses and start Vocabulary unit 2.
June 23rd: Finish Vocabulary + devoluciones pedagogicas.
June 24th: Past tenses revision + devoluciones pedagogicas.
June 25th: Vocabulary revision + devoluciones pedagogicas
June 29th: Correction of grammar and Listening unit 2
June 30th: Correction of listening and vocabulary unit 2. 
July 1st_ oFinish correction Vocabulary + Use of english unit 2 (homework: "Scandal in bohemia part 1")
July 6th: Correction of homework use of english comparatives and superlatives.
July 7th: Correction of Revision unit 2.
July 13th :Finish correcion unit 2 + speaking unit 3.
July 14th: Revision correction and speaking
July 15th: Reading plus comprehension activities unit 3
August 3rd: Future tenses presentation and practice.
August 4th: Finish revision and vocabulary phrases with make and do.
August 5th: Finish vocabulary + text activity with phrases with make and do for homewrok.
August 10th: Use of English unit 3 and correction of homework
August 12th: Revision unit 3 (homework uploaded)
August 18th: Correction of revision + speaking unit 4.
August 19th: Reading unit 4 
August 24th: Correction multiple choice and grammar unit 4
August 25th: Listening + Grammar practice + kahoot modal verbs
August 26th: Vocabulary unit 4 + Speaking
August 31st: Speaking + Writing unit 4.
September 1st: Writing unit 4 "opinion essay"
September 2nd: Essay debate and Peer review explanation.
September 7th: Explanation peer review and work in pairs.
September 8th: Peer review in groups. Deadline to hand in: Tomorrow, sept 9th.
September 9th: Ted video + explanation of Audio recording for homework.
September 14th: Introduction unit 5 sepaking on video games. 
September 15th: Discussion on video games reading comprehension activity.
September 16th: Reading gapped text and Video ted on the "history of video games". homework: reading form.
September 22nd: Oral feedback + vocabulary unit 5
September 23rd: Oral feedback + use of english unit 5.
September 28th: Oral feedback+ Grammar unit 5 
September 29th: Oral feedback + Grammar unit 5
September 30th: Oral feedback + Speaking unit 5
October 5th: Revision on definning and non defining relative clauses + speaking
October 6th: Correction of grammar + speaking
October 7th: Speaking task in pairs for homework.
October 13th: Reading unit 6 "Superpowers"
October 14th: Reading and speaking "superpowers" (homework: text + documentary)
October 19th: Discussion and correction of text and "the social dilemma"
October 20th: Writing "Review" unit 6.
October 21st: Writing review homewrok unit 6
October 26th:Listening unit 6
October 27th: Revision unit 1-6 and Make-ups
October 28th: Revision unit 1-6 and Make-ups
November 2nd: Correction of revision unit 1-6
November 3rd: Speaking unit 7 introduction
November 4th: Discussion forum unit 7
November 9th: Reading unit 7
Novemeber 10th: Grammar intro unit 7 "conditionals"
November 11th: Grammar practice conditionals + kahoot + homework workbook

Hi!  I'm Yami and we will be working via campus these days!

We are still testing you to see your levels, so you don't have to buy any books yet!!

Each day I'll be uploading exersices to this column     (under Homework)

and you will have a to complete them in that column 

(under student's corner) . Please hand in your work on time.

You can check the article named Class Log  to see what we do each class.

If you have any questions you can communicate with me via the Message Board. I'll be answering any doubts there! 

(me pueden escribir en español si no entienden algo)



Let's watch this video!


Some of you maybe saw it already. We will continue working on it!

After watching the video answer some of the questions you will find in Student's Corner CLASS 1


Look at these questions

1. Choose two of these questions and make up one answer for each question that lasts 1 minute.

2. Record yourselves answering (time yourselves too!)

3. Give/send me your 2 recordings (1 minute each). It should only be the voice, not a video. Please clarify in your recording which is the question you are answering.

Then, upload your recording in the section"Hand in: Speaking questions about Pandemic"

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Check how to write each paragraph






I will always keep you in my heart :) Have a great end of year! Love <3 Yam