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We use reference and ellipsis all the time when we speak or write. We use these cohesive devices to avoid repetition.

By Brian S 

By Cristobal M 

By Emilia G 

By Francisco M

By Matías A 

By Olivia G 

By Olivia G 





By Cristobal M 





 by Manuel H and Francisco M

By Ambar J 




By Emilia G 




By Brian S 

By Chiara T 


By Matías A 

By Brian S 

By Olivia G 

By Cristobal M 


By Emilia G

What might have happened to humanity?


I think that aliens, might have abducted humanity somehow and they  left this woman and this man to see how humans would react, basically, they are using our entire species as a means of entertainment. I think you are using the pattern MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED because we are not 100% sure what happened to humanity. No, we are not sure/certain of what happened.


I think that maybe, the light that the girl saw, the green light in the horizon made the society disappear, it took all of them, but not the couple because they are special, maybe their genes are different or something like that.


In my opinion, humanity hasn´t disappeared. Something happened to the girl or the couple, related with the flash of the sky, and they are imagining, dreaming, or even have turned crazy. And the flash was created by someone, but we will only know this thing at the end. Also, the trailer shows a scene were the boy in the couple has injured himself badly, but he laughs, and the girl starts to get nervous. I believe this is because the stress of not knowing what is happening and being alone is slowly making the loose their sanity.


To ask what happened to humanity is to lose the point as I think that from the trailer we can conclude that the movie isn't about the event itself but the ramifications of being isolated and the mental consequences it has on the characters of the film. If I had to give a guess then Iwould probably saythat humanity has either gone to the rapture or that the protagonists are in some kind of virtual reality


In my opinion, there is a couple that is chosen by God because for their kindness, selfless and caring personality, to start with a new generation of human beings, one that is not selfish, disrespectful, careless and racist. While the couple are in their vacation, God erases the rest of the humanity from existence, leaving the two of them to figure things out on their own.


I believe that maybe humanity hasn’t disappeared, that they have traveled somehow to another dimension where all the things created by human beings are still there but humans are extinct because of global warming. Some people might believe that they are crazy or dreaming, but I don’t believe this because how can two people have the same dream and interact with each other in their own dreams?