Use of English: pgs 20-21-22-23 and 24 For this Tuesday 14th

Complete the exercises on pages 20,21,22, 23 and 24.- Don't worry! Many exercises are short! [+]

Multiple-choice page 21 Coursebook

You are going to listen to a radio interview with a psychologist called Max about birth order.- [+]

Listening: Multiple matching

Script to check answers.- [+]

Unit 1 Workbook

Multiple matching (Part 3) page 9. You can find it attached below. [+]

Unit 1

Multiple matching (page 12) [+]

How to write an article

Have a look at this model article and tips [+]

Essay writing

Let's see what this type of writing is about.- [+]

Verb patterns: Verbs + to infinitive / verbs + gerund

It's essential to read the explanation! [+]

Adjectives and adverbs

Have a look at the explanation. [+]

How an email is corrected and marked

Open the file and read it through [+]

November 10th-11th-12th

Reviewing content [+]

November 3rd-4th-5th

Passive forms- Writing a review. [+]

October 27th-28th-29th

Reading Comprehension - Passive voice- Make up test [+]

October 20th-21st-22nd

Expressions of quantity- Reading Comprehension- Listening Comprehension- Passive voice [+]


Download Unit 6, please.- [+]


Download Unit 6 Exam Maximiser [+]

Unit 4 Exam Maximiser

Download the unit please. [+]

Lessons Unit 4 Coursebook

Download the Unit please.- [+]


Complete each activity in the word document [+]

Article writing

Make a rough copy: exercise 6 page 34. We'll read them in class tomorrow! [+]

Exam Maximiser Unit 3

Exam maximiser unit 3 (workbook) [+]

Unit 3

Lessons [+]

Exam maximiser page 18

Let's work on these exercises. Download the pdf please.- [+]

Fun with kahoot

Play this Kahoot again as a challenge! [+]

Review-Coursebook page 25

Let's work out the exercises.- [+]

Coursebook page 24 First steps for an essay

Work on activities 2, 3 and 4.- FOR FRIDAY 26 [+]

Agreeing and disagreeing: Speaking practice

Let's work on page 23 Coursebook.- [+]

Reading Comprehension - Exam maximiser

Pages 13 and 14 exam maximiser [+]

Speaking practice Exam maximiser

Exam maximiser page 16. Complete the dialogues. Then listen to check.- [+]

Verb patterns practice: Exam maximiser page 16

Complete the exercises - SEE THE ANSWERS! [+]

Paraphrasing in the workbook

Complete the exercises [+]

Listening -Grammar Focus- Writing-Review

Coursebook practice pages 12-13-14-15 [+]

Changing Habits

Let's watch this video about how to take care of ourselves in this pandemic.- [+]


Welcome back to class [+]