Semi-formal Letter

Example answer and useful language [+]

Writing an essay - more help

Example task and useful language [+]

OPINION ESSAY - a sample

Let's see a sample and practise! [+]

Writing a good paragraph

See this tutorial for more help [+]


from The Final Problem and Other Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book for Teens 5

Please read and bear in mind

Quantifiers and pronouns

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Infinitives and Gerunds

Let's see when they're used [+]


Let's watch this presentation [+]

Contrast Linkers

How they are used [+]


Let's see the presentation together [+]

Future tenses

Presentation [+]

Fashion language

Homework (workbook) [+]

Clothes and compound nouns

Student's book p 16 [+]

Unit 1 - Use of English (workbook)

Present Perfect Simple vs Continuous [+]

Present Perfect Simple vs Continuous (st's book)

Let's work on tenses and Key Word Transformations [+]

Unit 1 Listening

Workbook p 14 [+]

Unit 1 Reading and vocabulary in context

activities in the workbook, then submit your answers [+]

Unit 1 Vocabulary

"Follow your dreams" and adjectives [+]

Unit 1 Vocabulary - workbook

Work on your own, then submit your answers [+]

Unit 1 Present Tenses

Let's work on rules and practise together [+]

Massage T-Shirt

Agustín, Jerónimo, Emma, Lucía, Martina [+]

Massage T-shirt

Martina, Emma, Agustin, Jeronimo, Lucia [+]

Rest vision glasses

Camila-Milena-Francisco-Valentina [+]