Transformation practice - Revision for the test!

Work hard!

Modificado: 17/05/2019

Review for Vocabulary units 1 and 2

Open the file. Write the answers on a word document.-

Modificado: 14/05/2019

Review Units 1 and 2

Solve all the exercises and save the document when you finish.-

Modificado: 14/05/2019

Present perfect practice

Let's work together

Modificado: 6/05/2019

Present perfect practice 2

Yes! Even more practice!

Modificado: 29/04/2019


Let's see what you remember!

Modificado: 10/04/2019

Practice - Do you know the past participles?

Have fun and practise past participles!

Modificado: 10/04/2019

Present Perfect

How about practising it?

Modificado: 1/04/2019