Tips for the Speaking Paper

Useful expressions for the oral exam. [+]

Answer sheets

Answer sheets below.- [+]


This is our first booklet to get ready for the Preliminary English Test. [+]

Questions about chapters 1 and 2

These are the questions for the Reading comprehension test [+]

Mystery in New Orleans

Pre-reading activities. [+]

Sentence Transformation

Sentence Transformation [+]

Revision- tenses

Revision of tenses. Complete with the correct verb form.- [+]

Review for Vocabulary units 1 and 2

Open the file. Write the answers on a word document.- [+]


Let's see what you remember! [+]

Review Units 1 and 2

Solve all the exercises and save the document when you finish.- [+]

Practice - Do you know the past participles?

Have fun and practise past participles! [+]

Unit 1 Revisited

Let's review present tenses and adverbs of frequency [+]

Let's describe objects!

Order of adjectives. Work on the following activities! [+]

May 21st-

We started Unit 3 - Vocabulary- [+]

May 15th-16th - HOMEWORK!

Preliminary Booklet- Speaking Part - Reading.- [+]

May 14th

Campus activities to review Units 1 and 2.- [+]

TEST UNITS 1 and 2: MAY 28th

Reading Comprehension and Use of English.- [+]

May 9th - WRITING A BLOG forTUESDAY 14th

First complete the WRITING PLAN - See below for more instructions.- [+]

May 7th - 8th

Future forms. Online workbook practice. Tomorrow: writing practice! [+]

April 23rd-24th-25th! Remember Homework!

Test Unit 1- Present Perfect- Vocabulary about travelling.- [+]

Homework for Tuesday 30th

Mystery in new Orleans - Preliminary Booklet.- See below! [+]

April 23rd

Test Unit 1 [+]

April 16th-17th

Mystery in New Orleans - Preliminary boooklet. [+]