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Test 8

Last mock!! [+]

Writing practice online - Cambridge site!

You write your piece, submit it and Cambridge staff correct it! [+]

Test 7

Complete the form [+]


Work on the file [+]


WB answers [+]

Reported Speech: practice

Open the word file to work [+]

Reported Speech

Read the rules [+]

Passive voice practice

Let's work hard! [+]

Phrasal verbs

Study them! [+]

Passive voice: Tutorial

Let's go over the rules [+]


Let's work hard [+]

Ways of looking

Let's have a LOOK [+]

Real Exams (Cambridge)- More Pracitce

A little bit of everything! [+]

Future time

The future [+]


Let's revise!! [+]

Future forms practice

Work on the file [+]

Homework from 2/7 to 11/7

This is what you will have to do while I'm away [+]