Link a grupo de amigos

Copy your answers onto to a separate sheet of paper, please. [+]


Conditionals and Modals [+]

Conditional sentences

Go over the types of conditional sentences [+]

Money - Unit 7

Let's have a look [+]

More practice

Open the pdf files to work [+]

Linking words

Let's have a look [+]

Revision 1

Transformations [+]

Revision 3

Transformations - Modal Verbs [+]


Let's work [+]

Linking words

Let's have a look [+]

Question tags

Useful notes [+]

Revision 2

Let's work [+]


Check your knowledge. [+]

Grammar practice

Open the file to practice [+]

Relative clauses

Let's have a deep look [+]


For the test! [+]

Vocabulary unit 3

Let's go over the presentation to revise [+]

Negative prefixes

You need to know this! [+]

Present perfect simple versus continuous

A presentation pointing out the differences [+]

Present perfect simple vs. continuous

Open the word file to work [+]

Vocabulary unit 2

Download and work on the presentation. [+]


Let's have a look at the rules [+]

Activities while I'm away

These are the activities you will have to do while I'm away. You must hand them in on July 30th. [+]