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Beyond A2+




Reading and writing - mocks 6 and 5


Work on pages 114, 115, 126 and 127 of your workbook (vocabulary and grammar revision of units 9 and 10).

Revision of units 9 and 10

Revision of units 7 and 8

Revision of units 7 and 8


Students book, pages 107 and 117

Dear students;

Today you need to open your students book on pages 107 and 117 and complete the 4 activities.

See you soon,


Sara, Sztrum & Iglesias

Barrueco & Holzknecht

Lo Tauro & Klein

Barrena & Serveres

Lage & La Plaza

Kantorowicz & Buk

Skakovsky & Gramuglia

Schiera & Di Marco

Dear Juliet,





Revision: units 1-7

Let's work on the difference



Even more practice!!

Let's watch some scenes from famous movies in which the present perfect tense is used.

Missing in Sydney

Let's work on dialogues

Together we will practise some dialogues

Practise part 2 of the Speaking test.

Work in Pairs. In this set of slides you'll find information to ask and answer your partner's questions.










Use of English

Unit 5 revision Prepositions Hopes Plans Adjectives of personality Nationalities

Let's revise chapters 3,4 &5 playing Kahoot 

Answer some questions about Chapter 1

Do you want to fling the teacher again?

Let' s see how much you know about jeans.

Vocabulary revision

Grammar revision

Revision of unit 1