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Online practice

Check the clues and complete the crossword with vocabulary about the family.

Let's work

Let's practice

Let's practice

Click on the words in the right order.

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Let's practice

PRESENT SIMPLE (Negative and Questions)

Online Practice

15th November

Term test: Reading comprehension , simple present, present continuous, past simple and vocabulary [+]

5th November

Test on Simple past: affirmative, questions and negatives. [+]

17th September

Test on unit 7: Present continuous. Clothes, colours, action verbs and present simple [+]

16th August

Test: Unit 6: Vocabulary: Homes, Food and drinks. Comparatives, Countables, uncountables: much, many, any, how much, how many [+]

Test on Simple past: affirmative, questions and negatives.

write a short reply.

writen by Roman Mograbi, David Fidda and Lucas Barmat [+]

Write a short reply

written by: Leila K. [+]

Write letter to juliet

Written by Leila K. [+]

Write a letter to Juliet

Written by Roman Mograbi y David Fidda [+]

English Work of David Fidda and Matias Russo

English Project Work of David Fidda And Matias Russo [+]