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More mock exams!

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Exam training

Extra material [+]

Question making practice.

Use the links to improve your skills! [+]

KET Speaking part 2

Master your speaking [+]

Extra practice to do on your own

Click on the links to practise your weak areas on you own [+]

KET Speaking Part2 Visuals

Practise part 2 of the Speaking test. [+]

Speaking paper Part 1

Let's have a deep look into it [+]

Revision for the test

Vocabulary Units 1 and 2 [+]

Revision for the test

Grammar Units 1 and 2 [+]

Quantifiers and more

Links to practise! [+]

Revision unit 6

Let's work on this file to revise: *conditionals 0 & 1 * should *imperative constructions * vocabulary about the body [+]

Practice - Do you know the past participles?

Have fun and practise past participles! [+]

Present perfect

Even more practice!! [+]

Present perfect practice 2

Yes! Even more practice! [+]

Present Perfect

Let's watch some scenes from famous movies in which the present perfect tense is used. [+]

Obligation and prohibition

Let's revise these concepts [+]

Vocabulary: sports (1)

Get all the answers right and destroy as many teacher invaders as you can. [+]

Comparative and superlative adjectives (1)

Are you a good basketball player! Play this game on comparatives and superlatives and find out. [+]

Comparative and superlative adjectives (2)

Exercises on comparatives and superlatives. [+]

Comparatives and superlatives (3)

Links to exercises on comparatives and superlatives. [+]

Unit 8: too & enough

Study these notes. [+]

Let's revise 2

Write the correct verb tense in the texts below.- [+]

Let's revise 1

Practise these dialogues. [+]

Let's revise vocabulary!

There are 2 exercises. Open the word document and complete them.- [+]

Mora passive voice practice

Click on the links below [+]

Passive voice

Extra practice [+]

Present passive

Open the file to work [+]

Passive voice

Read these notes. [+]


franco dl, juan c, romeo f, agustin dubo [+]

franco dl

franco dla [+]

e-mail and cartoon

luana kupervaser [+]

The E-mail

Romeo Frontini [+]


hecho por juan rennella [+]

The conversation

Micaela Ptak, Delfina Haboba and Micaela Ramos [+]


Tobias Frenkel, Francisco Catri, Mateo Cuevas y Juan Pablo Rennella [+]

the interview

franco capponi, nacho solarz, ivo holzknecht y fermin urdampilleta [+]


Romeo Frontini, Agustín Dubovistky, Juan Caram and Franco De León [+]


Delfi , Lu and Flor [+]

Audio Work

Fermín Urdampilleta & Ivan Holzknecht [+]


Mica P., Luz T. [+]


Agus and Mate [+]

audio work

juan caram y franco [+]

Audio Work

romeo y juampi [+]

Audio Work

Francisco Catri and Tobias [+]