LA Movie summary

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Marks ABC

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Mind Map

Expressing Preferences - PREFER/'D PREFER/'D RATHER [+]

Mind Map

Present Perfect - your mind map [+]

Relative Clauses

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Defining and Non-Defining relative clauses

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Work - vocabulary

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The Devil Wears Prada

While and after watching activities [+]


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L.A. Movie

Chapters 3-4 [+]

Phrasals Take

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Vocabulary U4

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L.A. Movie

Chapter 2 [+]

L.A. Movie

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L.A. Movie

Chapter 1 [+]

"The one with the bullies"

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Adjectives ending in - ing and - ed

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So and Such

Explanations and Exercises [+]


This is a padlet to help you study for the term test. Everything we have been doing is somehow included here. Remember to go to the book or our campus files if you don't remember something. And we have plenty of time for you to ask in class!!! Good luck! [+]

Vocabulary - Technology!

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Vocabulary Music!

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Vocabulary - Sports!

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Indirect questions - Practice

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Vocabulary Unit 1

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Word formation

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Used to/ be used to/ get used to

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I can't get used to using BE USED TO correctly!!!!!!

Read from Ready for FCE the Grammar Reference, p 209, Habitual behaviour in the past and review the rules for USED TO/ BE USED TO/ GET USED TO [+]

Padlet N°3

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The Devil Wears Prada

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Workbook Keys

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Padlet N°1

First term [+]

Padlet N°2

Padlet for 2nd term [+]

Reading tips

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Some transformation practice

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Have a look at your sentences!

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Useful Ajectives

How to replace the adverb "very"? [+]