Key word transformation

Conditionals, Modals, connectors [+]


Conditionals and Modals [+]


Copy your answers onto to a separate sheet of paper, please. [+]

Surf the net to get the best results

These websites will provide you with more practice! [+]

Words ending in -ful or -less

Write your own examples! [+]


Study these tutorial charts and then do the exercises [+]

Linking words

An exercise [+]

Linking words

Let's have a look [+]

Question Tags

Let's see how much you remember about Question Tags [+]

Gerunds & Participles

Can you tell one from the other? [+]

Activity on The Bully

This activity is based on “The Bully”, from “The Daydreamer”, by Ian McEwan, Harper Collins, chapter 5, 1994. [+]

The body - chapters 1-21

Fill in this form - Use capital and small letters where appropriate [+]

Scattered sentences

Chapters 1-7 If you can relate the sentences below to the events in the novel, then you're reading like a pro [+]