Test 8

Last mock!!

Modificado: 29/11/2018


Writing practice online - Cambridge site!

You write your piece, submit it and Cambridge staff correct it!

Modificado: 29/11/2018


Test 7

Complete the form

Modificado: 26/11/2018


Test 5 audio

Put on your earphones!

Modificado: 21/11/2018


Writing part 2

Write the report

Modificado: 21/11/2018


Test 5

Reading and Use of English + Listening tasks

Modificado: 21/11/2018


Transformations to do on your own

The answers are at the end of the file. Work on your own

Modificado: 14/11/2018


Test 6

Work on the pdf and fill in the form

Modificado: 12/11/2018


Extra listening practice

If you feel weak in this area. Ready for first WB, listening bank 1 to 8

Modificado: 7/11/2018


Test 4 : Listening

Listen and complete

Modificado: 5/11/2018