Should have - Could have - Must have

To learn how to use "SHOULD HAVE" and to revise how "COULD/MUST HAVE are used..

and then TAKE THE QUIZ!

Modificado: 3/05/2017

Phrasal Verbs with Give

Can you tell what each phrasal verb means?

Modificado: 2/05/2017

Speculation and deduction

Look at these slides and learn how to do it! Here you have theory and some exercises.

Modificado: 2/05/2017

Question Tags

Let's see how much you remember about Question Tags

Modificado: 2/05/2017

Contrast Linkers

Let's Revise Contrast Linkers!

Modificado: 2/05/2017

Ways Of Looking

Please study this vocabulary! (and the one from the book too)

Modificado: 2/05/2017