Whether you enjoy watching science fiction films or not relies on you, but when it comes to interstellar, the gripping plot of the movie combined with Christopher Nolan´s extraordinary storytelling ability has brought us one of the best movies of the last years.

Interstellar tells us the story of a dystopic future in which earth is becoming uninhabitable. Therefore, a group of astronauts is sent through a wormhole to explore the universe, looking for a proper place for humans to live. A simple plot that is turned into a magnificent film because of several reasons.

First of all, amazing CGI is probably what people expect from a movie whose story takes place in outer space, and that is exactly what we can find in interstellar, outstanding special effects that take the audience to explore the cosmos in its whole. In addition to this, the main character, played by Matthew McConaughey, is interestingly developed, and the viewer can sometimes empathize with him.

Having been awarded with an Oscar and four nominations, interstellar is not only a great movie because of every aspect that was just mentioned, but also because its remarkably precise scientific content. Nolan was advised by well-known scientists during the filming, so the movie contains realistic representations of black holes, spacecrafts and planets, and it also approaches to really complicated scientific theories, such as Albert Einstein´s theory of relativity.

In conclusion, Interstellar is a great movie that tells a quite simple story in a remarkable way , so I would highly recommend it to every cinephile interested in science who is looking forward to watching an impressive film.

Fecha: 5/9/2018 | Creado por: Joaquín Tomás
Categoria: Writing