“¿What do you want me to do?”

2nd Chapter Summary


Lenny had an accident driving back home. He woke up and saw Gail Lane in front of him, he was shocked. Gail Lane explained to him that the car he had crashed was hers, but that the driver was Mike Devine, drunk. He knew Mike Devine, the son of a rich successful movie producer who had been accused of gambling debts.

At that moment, Mike d Devine was bleeding. Gail asked Lenny to take Mike to his house with her car but she wouldn’t go. While Lenny was taking Mike, he noticed he was unconscious. When they arrived, the doorman of the building came. He saw Mike and let them in and showed Lenny how to go.

When he got in, he noticed something was wrong, the big living room was a mess. Then Lenny gave him a towel and took a look to the untidy house, he found a bedroom when suddenly he heard a noise and someone it him on the head and then he was unconscious.

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