Chapter nine, summary: Recoleta.


It turns out that Josie, Gail’s stunt double, was the one injured.

It was the first shooting day at the Recoleta Cemetery. Gail, as a detective, was having a meeting with Brent, as an international criminal.

Len had Gail’s gun, and even though Rik had hired security, they didn’t search him.

The scene they were first shooting, was placed in front of a huge white tomb. When they finished this scene, everybody rested for a while, and then got back to film the next one, where the same actors were having a conversation at the same place. Len started to get a little bored, so he went for a walk. After 30 minutes, when he was coming back, he saw Annie taped and with her hands tied behind her back in the back wall of the tomb. Len saw statue with a ball moving towards the actors. Suddenly, the ball “fell” but the narrator was able to throw Gail and Brent away and save them. He then ran where Annie was but the statue was already gone. Arabella helped Annie get rid of the tape and ropes, but she didn’t know who had done that to her. Rick didn’t want to call the police due to schedules. And as Len “wanted to give advice to Gail about being a detective”, Rick invited him to a tango show where he, Gail, Brent and Carla were going to be at. Len also asked for a motorcycle in case of emergencies.

At the end of the chapter, Gail told the narrator, Len, that she has to talk to him, we don’t know what they’re talking about, but they will at the tango show.

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