By Cande Cepeda

Have you heard about “Songs about Jane”, Maroon 5’s first album? If not, you should! The pop-rock band from California has become a huge international success after having released this album. Adam Levine, the lead singer, met a girl at a store and fell in love with her. She became his girlfriend and muse, but after they broke up, he had so many feelings rushing in his heart he wrote a full album about her, what drove him to fame. 

“Songs about Jane”’s first version was released in June, 2002, but thanks to it’s astonishing success, deluxe tracks and anniversary editions have been produced. This album’s personality is jazzy and allows us to enjoy Adam Levine’s deeper voice . These are some reasons why I consider this one of my favourite albums. Some hit records from this CD are “This Love”, acclaimed by music critics, and “She Will Be Loved”, with three million downloads.

Another reason why I consider this album so amazing is the mood it covers me in. It empowers me so much, and it makes me feel like I have actually been through everything Adam is singing about. I just take it so personal, you know? It is hard to choose, but one of my favourites songs is “Tangled”, that talks about how Adam feels like he is not welcome around Jane’s life anymore, and how she does not want to listen to him. Poor Adam! 

Never have I heard an album like this. It remains number one in Maroon 5’s sales, and having liked all of their albums, I personally think this one well deserves it.  

Fecha: 27/7/2018 | Creado por: Candela Belen
Categoria: Writing