Ivan Max, Juan Cruz Curi

-¿How are you Mascolor?, I haven’t seen you for ages, we last saw each other when I graduated

- Hello! Yes, you are right, haven’t seen you in a while, how has been life treated you?

- Very well, I finally finished the engineering course in college, so now I just have to find a job, are you still working at that school?

- Nah, that was too much work, now I’m just an assistant, I’m getting paid pretty well for a pretty easy job, how is your mom?

- She´s really well, got some good friends, I usually go visit her every now and then, but she said that she´s never going to find a man again, unfortunately. Have you found another woman?

- Yes, but definitely not as good as your mum, although I don’t know how she is right now, is she still living in the same old house?

-No, she has moved out near my new house, why?

- Really, but that’s why we split up!

- Yeah, but I wanted her to be near me, in case she needed anything or had a problem, where are you living?

- Im living in Belgrano 2241, why?

- That’s really close to us! You should come and have some mate, or eat an asado, I´ve learned to grill!

- No, I think I would disturb your mum, or make the atmosphere awkward, it was also a hard time for me, and it took some time for me to heal wounds.

- Oh, I’m sorry, but she doesn’t live with me, so if you want to come, there’s always an offer on the table

- Oh ok, I got confused

- Have you painted anything recently, like, something good, and did it go to a gallery?

- Yes, I have painted my room, but it doesn’t count, doesn’t it, nah just kidding, I have painted 4 paintings, all were pretty good, but only one got more reckoning than the others, but it got a prize

- That’s great! would you paint my room? just kidding.

- If you want and there’s money for me, no im lying, I will do it for free

- Great!l, sure you don’t want any money, or at least I will pay for the paint

- Thanks, I’ll get some work done and we will talk in your house, with some mates and what I    can find in my freezer to bring

- No, I already have the meat, and I learnt to do asados, so no worries

- Alright, see ya!

- See ya!

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