At his home

  • Mom, I went to an interview at my old school in order to get the job as an art teacher.
  • I remember you told me! How did it go?
  • Well, do you remember your ex-boyfriend Locasso?
  • Yes, what happened?


(Conversation with headmaster Locasso in his office)

  • Hello sir, thank you for giving me the opportunity of working here as an art professor
  • You are welcome. I’m glad to have you here
  • This might sound weird but you look a bit familiar to me, do I know you?
  • Yes, you also look familiar too

They start looking at each other and finally the boy saw something that brought memories to his mind

  • I remember everything! You were my professor in 5th grade and my mom’s boyfriend
  • Yes, so much memories! How is your mom doing?
  • Oh, she is fine. She’s working again.
  • I’m genuinely happy for her. What is she working on?
  • She is a hairdresser with her friend. She got a job in there.
  • Perfect. Send her greetings from me

(Back with his mother)

  • That’s great! Was it awkward for you to meet him again?
  • There wasn’t any problem with Locasso, but the issue was with the students, they were very annoying
  • Oh really, that sounds horrible. At least the school paid your lunch?
  • Yes, that was one of the best parts of the day. The food was pretty delicious plus I could meet all of my coworkers. Well, let’s stop talking about me; tell me about your day?
  • I went to the park with my friends and ate nearby
  • So your day went well…
  • I’m not in the mood of cooking today...
  • Do you want to order pizza?
  • Some cheese won’t do any harm
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