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Form & meaning


  1. If we do not begin a question directly, but begin it with something like: Can you tell me…? Do you know…? I wonder if…? The word order is the same as in an affirmative statement.
    • Direct question: What is he doing?
      Indirect question: Do you know what he is doing?
    • Direct question: Where have they been?
      Indirect question: I wonder where they have been?
  2. If the direct question contains the auxiliaries DO, DOES, DID, we omit it in the indirect question.

    • Direct question: What do you want?
      Indirect question: Can you tell me what you want?
    • Direct question: When did she leave?
      Indirect question: Do you know when she left?
  3. In yes/no questions, if is used. The word order is the same as in AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES
    • Direct question: Have you seen my dog?
      Indirect question: Could you tell me if you have seen my dog?


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