Tobias Frenkel, Francisco Catri, Mateo Cuevas y Juan Pablo Rennella


Carlos: Francisco

Ernesto: Mateo

Rigoberto: Tobias

Rubén: Juan pablo


C: helllo i´m carlitos

E: hi carlitos, my  name is Ernesto

Ri: Hi carlos and Rigi my name  is Rigi

Ru: Hi Carlitos Rigi and Ernesto, i am ruben What is your surname Carlitos?

C: My surname is Bala

Ri: How do you spell that?

C: B-A-L-A , and whaat is your surname Ernesto? And how do you spell that?

E: My surname is  Ríos and the spelling is R-I-O-S and yours Rigi?

Ri: Is Bilo and the spell is B-I-L-O What is yours Ruben?

Ru: My surname  is Peterson and the spelling is P-E-T-E- R-S-O-N

C: Where do you live?

Ru: I live in Mongolia and you Ernesto?

E: i live in Dubai , and you Rigi

Ri: I live in Buenos Aires and you Carlos?

C: I live in Paris

Ri: Let´s go to a restaurant         

C: Ok

Ru : i can´t go because i have to go to Mongolia

  • Now in the restaraunt-

W: What are you going to order?

E: I´ll have a sandwich

Ri: I want a Milanesa

C: I want a chicken

W: ok, What do you want to drink

Ri: I want a coca cola

E: I want a Pomelo

W: Shall I bring a bread?

C: yes

                                                      5 MINUTES LATER

W: Here is the bread and the drinks

E: Thanks

C: i will problably act in a movie tomorrow, What are all of you going to do?

Ri: I am not sure,  i think i will go to germany on holidays

E: I really don´t know

 C:  yesterday my grandmother died

Ri: I´m really sorry

E : Don´t worry about it . it´s fine

Ri: What do you think about horror movies

E: I think that  are the best movies

C. I agree

W: Here is the food. I hope you like it

C: wow! Is very good, you did a great job

W: Thanks

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