franco capponi, nacho solarz, ivo holzknecht y fermin urdampilleta



 Franco: I am Franco, i am a journalist

Fermin: how many countries have you visited?

Franco: I have visited Russia, Egypt, Argentina and Peru

Fermin: how many languages can you speak

Franco: I speak 4 languages. I speak musulman, French, Spanish and English

Fermin: well done

Franco: thank you

Fermin: in your house how does your family get organized?

Franco: in my house, my girlfriend vacuums and does the washing, my two sons make his beds and I, sort the recycling

Hi Franco. Here!. We are Ivo and Nacho from el trece TV

Ivo: do you play any sports?

Franco: hello, I play football and basketball

Ivo: are you good?

Franco: I am a disaster at sports                                                                                                   

Nacho: hello Franco, I have a question: what do you think of the TV programs?

Franco:I think that the best are comedy’s, weather and cookery show

Nacho: do you have any dog

Franco: yes I have a caniche toy

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