Write the correct verb tense in the texts below.-

Complete this story with the correct tenses.

Something really funny happened to me last week. It ______________ (be) a sunny day in Belgrano and a lot of people ___________ (walk) in the street or ____________(wait) for their bus. I _______________(take/usually) bus number 29. My mother ________________(always/tell) me: " If the bus (not come) _______ on time, you ____________(take) a taxi".  Unfortunately, the bus ___________ (not come) on time so I ____________ (have) to take a taxi. I _________ (see) one and I ________(decide) to get on. To my surprise, the taxi driver was ....my History teacher! 

He said to me: " I __________ (just/leave) school. I like driving my taxi after teaching at school. 


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