Copy your answers onto to a separate sheet of paper, please.


Remember to use between two and five words, including the word given. Do not change the word given.


1 You don't speak German very well, because you don't even try to learn anything.   TO

If ________________________ some German you’d speak it very well.

2 It was so cold that we turned the central heating on.   HAVE

We ________________________ the central heating on if it hadn’t been so cold.

3 The teacher didn't catch him cheating, so he passed the exam.   HAD

If ________________________ him cheating, he’d have passed the exam.

4 If it rains we won't go out. UNLESS

      We'll go out ________________________.

5 He should eat healthier food or else he'll get sick. IF

      ________________________ healthier food, he'll get sick.



1 We went to the beach even though it was raining. SPITE

In ______________________________ we went to the beach.

2 Although the hotel was noisy, we enjoyed our stay there. DESPITE

 _______________________ the hotel was noisy, we enjoyed our stay there.

3 They played really well, but lost the match. OF

In _______________________, they lost the match.

4 Even though they had booked tickets, they didn’t go to the theatre. FACT

 Despite ____________________ had booked tickets, they didn’t go to the theatre.

5 Despite having enough money, he decided not to buy it. ALTHOUGH

 _____________________, he decided not to buy it.



1 Weighing your suitcase before travelling by plane is a good idea.  OUGHT

You _____________________ before travelling by plane.

2 It’s advisable not to take any liquids on board.  HAD

You _____________________ take any liquids on board.

3 It wasn’t necessary for Jenny to take her passport because it was a domestic flight.  NOT

Jenny _____________________ take her passport because it was a domestic flight.

4 When I phoned John, he was probably in the shower, so he didn’t answer.  HAVE

John didn’t answer when I called him because he _____________________ in the shower.

5 It was wrong of you to shout at your mother.   SHOULD

You _____________________ at your mother.



1 Dan and Lily are friendly with and like each other.   ON

Dan ________________________ with Lily.

2 Linda was sad after their separation, but she recovered soon.   GOT

Linda was sad but she soon ________________________ their separation.

3 I decided to accept the challenge of climbing the world's highest mountains.   UP

I decided ________________________ the challenge of climbing the world's highest mountains.

4 When you open an online account, use a password that other people can't guess.  SET

      When you ________________________ an online account, use a password that other people can't guess.

5 I started to swim when I was at school. UP

      I ________________________ when I was at school.

6 Bob wanted to end his relationship with Sue.   UP

Bob wanted to ________________________ Sue. 

7 Dan and Lily had a huge argument.   OUT

Dan  ________________________ Lily.

8 You promised to be there with me but you didn’t come!    DOWN

You promised to be there with me but you ________________________!

 9 Dan found it hard to put up with the sudden changes in Lily’s moods.    PUT

Dan found it hard to ________________________ the sudden changes in Lily’s moods.



1 'What do you think of the college?' she asked me.   ASKED

She _______________________ of the college.

2 'I'll call you later tonight,' Keith promised.                    WOULD
Keith promised that _______________________ night.

3  'I didn't break the window,' said the boy.        THAT
The boy _______________________ the window

4 'Do your homework tonight.' the teacher said. TOLD
The teacher _______________________ my homework that night.

5 'What's your name?' he asked. WAS
He asked me what _______________________.



1 I’m sure he’s not Michael Jackson. He died a few years ago!     BE

He _______________________ because he died a few years ago.

2 He looks so pale that I’m sure he has seen a ghost.                  MUST

He _________________ ghost because now he looks very pale.

3 Adam is so loud now that I’m sure he wasn’t a quiet child!                     BEEN

Adam ____________________ a quiet child because he’s so loud now.

4 I think Will’s tired because he didn’t sleep much yesterday.                    COULD

Will ______________________ because he didn’t sleep much yesterday.



1 She doesn't let him smoke in the house.                        ALLOWED

He _______________________ in the house.

2 The teacher saw two students outside the school.         WERE

Two students _______________________the school.

3 The coach tells the players to train every day.               TOLD                          

The players  _______________________ day by their coach.

4 Did they give you many presents on your birthday?        GIVEN

_______________________ many presents on your birthday?

5 Burglars went into my house and stole many valuable things.                 WERE

When my house was broken into many __________________.



1 Julie’s parents said Julie had lied to them.                  ACCUSED

Julie’s parents _______________________ to them.

2 Julie's parents said that Julie had posted the photo.                FOR

Julie's parents _______________________ posted the photo.

3  Al said: “Jack, you’d better not go to Julie's house.”                WARNED

Al _______________________ to Julie's house.

4 'I will never study on Sunday!' said my sister.              TO
My sister _______________________ on Sunday.

5 Linda said: “Jack, you should tell the truth.”                 ADVISED
Linda _______________________ the truth.

  • WISH

1 I would like to have more money.          WISH

_______________________ more money.

2 Our car broke down. What a pity!                     NOT

I wish the car _________________ down.

3 I’m too tired.                 SO

If only ____________________ tired!.

4 It’s a pity that you lost my camera.                    HAD

I wish ______________________ my camera.



1 I moved into this flat two months ago.               LIVING

I ______________________ in this flat for two months.

2 Nick has had a car for two years.          BOUGHT

Nick ______________________ 2015.

3 Neil became a member of this club in 2016.       HAS

Nick ______________________ of this club since 2016.



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