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Conditional sentences have two clauses:  a condition (if...) and a result.  The verb tenses used in each clause depends on whether the speaker thinks the result is probable (real) or only exists in the imagination (unreal).







If I heat water , it boils.




If I study, I will pass the exam.

If I study, I'll pass the exam.


If I study, I will not fail the exam.
If I do not study, I will fail the exam.

If I study, I won't fail the exam.
If I don't study, I'll fail the exam.



If I studied, I would pass the exam.

If I studied, I'd pass the exam.


If I studied, I would not fail the exam.
If I did not study, I would fail the exam.

I I were you, I would talk to her.

If I studied, I wouldn't fail the exam.
If I didn't study, I'd fail the exam.



If I had studied, I would have passed the exam.

If I'd studied, I'd have passed the exam.


If I had studied, I would not have failed the exam.
If I had not studied, I would have failed the exam.

If I'd studied, I wouldn't have failed the exam.
If I hadn't studied, I'd have failed the exam.


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