Gabriel Barsuglia y Julia Dotzel



Once upon a time there were three Little pigs who always been chased by a bad Wolf, so one day the oldest pig said; “ we have to make a house to be safe”, but the other pigs didnt pay attention to him and went on playing.

Suddenly the oldest pig start to build a house made of brides but the other pigs kept on playing. Later the middle pig stopped playing and started building his house made of Wood. Finally the youngest started building his house ok Straw.

While the pigs were going to their house the Wolf appeared. He went, firt, to the house made of Straw, he blew and destroyed his house, so the youngest went running to the house of the middle one, the Wolf did the same and destroyed his house so the pigs went running to the house of the oldest pig, and the big Wolf couldnt destroy it. So the three Little pigs lived happily for the rest of their lives.

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