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Once upon a time there were three little pigs that needed to build houses to be safe of the wolf.


The youngest pig built his house of straw because he was weak, the middle aged pig built a house of wood because it was stronger than the straw, but the eldest brother thought that the wood wasn’t hard enough to stop the wolf, so he did it of bricks and he thought that building a good chimney was a good idea.


One day, the wolf appeared in front of the little pig’s house, he said” I am going to blow, until y destroy your houses”. The wolf started blowing, until the house went down, so he decided to shelter in his brother’s house so as to not get eaten, as soon as the pig entered to the house, the wolf started blowing until the house fell. In the end, the two pigs went to his elder brother’s house. When the wolf arrived, he started blowing, but this time the house didn’t fall. The wolf decided to enter from the chimney but when he entered, the fire burned him and he died.


Finally the three pigs lived happily for ever.

Resultado de imagen de los tres cerditos

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