Past perfect

Read the letter and put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense. Remember to use Past perfect Simple when necessary.


Making arrangements with Paul

A few days ago Paul 1._________________(phone) me and asked whether I would mind looking after his dog when he 2.____________(be) away. I told him that I really 3. ________________ (not/like) dogs, but he said that he 4.______________________ (already/ask) all his other friends, and that I was his only hope. He 5._____________________(invite) me round his house that evening to meet the dog, and he told me that he 6._________________(cook) dinner for me. An hour later he 7._____________________(phone) again and said that he had to go out after all, so I 8. _______________________ (suggest) meeting the following day for lunch. The next morning he 9.________________________(cancel) this appointment and after he 10.____________________(apologise), said that he would bring the dog to my house at 6.00. “I 11.________________(not/know) exactly where it 12._____________________(be),”he said. “Could you tell me how I 13.________________________(get)there?” I quickly said I 14. ___________________ (go out) and put the phone down. Luckily I 15.______________________(not/hear) from him since then.

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