Let's check your knowledge.

1 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.

1 There is almost nothing to watch on television tonight.   HARDLY

There _______________________________________________to watch on television tonight.

2 They wouldn’t let us on the flight without a boarding pass.   ALLOWED

We  __________________________________________on the flight without a boarding pass.

3 She never remembered to pick me up from school.   ALWAYS

She __________________________________________________to pick me up from school.

4 He has a few more essays to write than I do.   MANY

I don’t have __________________________________________________to write as he does.

5 My dad finds driving at night more tiring these days.   IS

These days, my dad finds it ______________________________________________at night.

6 I don’t think I invited Sean and Ellie to the party.   REMEMBER

I ______________________________________________________Sean and Ellie to the party.

6 As he gets older, he becomes less tolerant.   THE

The _________________________________________________________tolerant he becomes.

7 No other job is as well-paid.   BEST

It _____________________________________________________________________job.

8 Tony finds history easier than geography.   NOT

Geography________________________________________________history for Tony.

9 In some countries men and women are paid the same.  AS

In some countries women _________________________________________________ men.

10 My grandfather is getting less and less patient as he gets older.  IMPATIENT

My grandfather is getting _____________________________________________as he gets older.


2 Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap. You may need to use a plural or negative form.

  1. The cab driver tried to ___________________ us for the ride from the airport but he couldn’t.  CHARGE
  2. Earthquakes are an unusual _________________ in England but are not totally unknown.  OCCUR
  3. For the cake, __________________________________ the oven to 375 degrees.  HEAT
  4. Most ___________________________________ dream of climbing Everest.   MOUNTAIN
  5. The lamp suddenly went out, leaving us in _______________________________.  DARK
  6. After his son’s death he has undergone a period of ________________ in his life.    LONELY
  7. The defeat led to his _________________________________ as team manager.   RESIGN
  8. Her novels have gained in ___________________________ over recent years.   POPULAR


3 Complete each gap with a Word/phrase from Unit 3.

  1. ____________________________________ your favourite songs by clicking here.
  2. A web site may have many different ___________________ for you to click on and explore.
  3. We have a responsibility to our community as _____________________ as to our families.
  4. He ______________________________ his shoulders as if to say that there was nothing he could do about it.
  5. This desk _____________________________________ up too much room.
  6. Have you seen this handy little _______________________ – it’s for separating egg yolks from whites.
  7. Tom’s room is absolutely __________________________. There is no space for a desk.
  8. It is an adjective to describe a device which is small enough to hold in your hand. ____________________________


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