Here there's a video and an explanation on how the speaking part is.

The PET Speaking paper consists of four parts, each with a different format.

Part 1 Interview

The test begins with a general conversation led by the interlocutor, who asks the candidates questions about their personal details, daily routines, likes and dislikes, etc. Candidates are addressed in turn and are not expected to talk to each other at this stage. At the beginning of the test, candidates are asked to spell all or part of their name.


Part 2 Collaborative task

In Part 2, the test takes the form of a simulated situation where the candidates are asked, for example, to make and respond to suggestions, discuss alternatives, make recommendations and negotiate agreement with their partner. It is not a role-play activity, however, as candidates will always be giving their own views and opinions about an imaginary situation, rather than assuming an unfamiliar role. A sheet of visual prompts is given to the candidates, which is designed to generate ideas and provide the basis for the discussion.


Part 3 Individual Long turn

In Part 3, each candidate is given one colour photograph to describe. The photographs will depict everyday situations and candidates are asked to give a simple description of what they can see in their photograph. This part of the test allows candidates to demonstrate both their range of vocabulary and their ability to organise language in a long turn lasting approximately 1 minute.


Part 4 Discussion

In this part of the test, the candidates speak to each other. The interlocutor sets up the task, then takes no further part. The theme established in Part 3 is now used as the starting point for a general conversation in which the candidates discuss their own likes and dislikes, experiences, etc.



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