Fill in with the right word. The first letter is given

1. Mountain b___________________ involves riding over rough tracks, rocks and hills.

2. T_____________  r________________ sounds very tiring to me. There are a lot of stairs 

3. I go b______________________ because I don´t have a board of my own.

4. Messi a___________________ his dream while he was still a kid.

5. Our teachers help as f______________________ our potential in every lesson.

6. If you are shy try going to acting classes. You should f________________ your fears.

7. You sometimes s_______________ your credit card in the machine.

8. Google is an excellent web b_______________. You can find just anything.

9. When you are in class you should t____________   o______________ your mobiles.

10. If you never do your homework teachers will believe you are i________________________

11. Jane looks u________________. She´s pale and sick.

12. He´s so i__________________. He expects people to be as quick at doing things as he is.

13. I am u______________ of any changes. Ask the boss, please.


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