Our summary of the uses of the future tenses.

Unit 8 - Ready for First - Future Tenses



Predictions based on what you think (believe, think, probably, definitely, etc)

Decisions made at the moment of speaking

Event certain to happen


Going to:

Plans and intentions

Predictions based on evidence


Modal verbs

May / might (possibilities)

May / might / could well (probability)

Should be (possibility)



Fixed arrangements




After when, before, after, as soon as, by the time, until.


Future Continuous:

Will + be + ing

Events which will in progress at a certain time in the future


Future perfect simple

Will + have + pp

Events that will be completed by a certain time in the future


Future perfect continuous

Will + have + been + ing

Events that will continue to be certain by a certain time in the future



Be about to + inf

Be on the point of + ing

Be unlikely to + inf

Shall we (making suggestions, asking for advice)

Hope, expect to + inf

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